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Cast Armrest 2


When the Eames Aluminum Group was introduced, optional armrests were offered for the lounge chair, desk and reclining models. Seen apart from an assembled chair, the armrest’s highly particular form becomes apparent. Essentially uneven trapezoids with rounded corners, the arms take advantage of aluminum’s capacity to be molded into nearly any shape. The curve of the form’s bottom edge matches the curve of the chairs’ side members, and the subtly sharper angle at one corner allows the arms to extend forward past the front edge of the seat to create a longer, more supportive armrest. Three flathead machine screws were used to connect the arms to a chair’s side member, as indicated by the three holes visible in this piece.

  • Medium:Anodized aluminum
  • Dimensions:11 x 14 x 2 in. (27.9 x 35.6 x 5.1 cm)
  • Item:P.2019.2.8.5