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Top down view of Llisa Demetrios standing over a table with various Eames writings and sketches.

A Home for Curious Problem Solvers

We aim to equip everyone with the lessons of Ray and Charles Eames, so that anyone can use design to solve problems.

Cultivate Curiosity

When Ray and Charles Eames were asked “What are the boundaries of design?” they responded by turning the question on its head: “What are the boundaries of problems?” It is in this spirit that we welcome you to the Eames Institute of Infinite Curiosity, where the lessons Ray and Charles left us through their body of work, and more importantly, how they approached that work, are brought to life for a new generation willing to explore the “boundaries of problems.”

Containing thousands of artifacts the Eames Collection is a one-of-a-kind record of the Eameses’ extraordinary partnership that encapsulates their unique methodologies and diverse interests. It offers countless examples of Ray and Charles's process, and illustrates the lessons we can take from their approach to design. The Eames Institute is responsible for stewarding this remarkable body of work, while also making it accessible to other institutions and the public at large.

As we bring the Eameses’ lessons to life through our programming and properties like the Ranch, we invite you to join our community of curious problem-solvers and make design a critical tool in your world.

Interior of the Eames Ranch with employees at a table and shelves in the background with models of sculptures made by Llisa Demetrios, Granddaughter of Charles Eames.
Eames Institute employees gathered outside of the Eames Ranch around a prototype used to bend wood.
A cabinet with many drawers, containing tiny figurines, toy spinning tops, swatches of fabric, and various items that Ray and Charles Eames collected for inspiration.
Exterior view from Eames Ranch in Petaluma California.

The Eames Institute acknowledges the property currently identified as the Eames Ranch to be a part of the traditional territory of the Meleya and Amayelle tribes of the Coast Miwok people. We honor the Coast Miwok—past, present, and future—as the original stewards of this special place, and appreciate the enduring legacy, connections, and relationships they have to their ancestral homeland. We recognize that after thousands of years of peaceful habitation, these lands were unjustly and forcibly stolen and humbly aim to create a safe place that welcomes everyone in an atmosphere of trust and knowledge-sharing.

As a cultural institute with a focus on progressive agricultural practices and the preservation and public display of artifacts that include many items from non-Euro-American cultures, we recognize that our knowledge systems are often biased, incomplete, and exclusionary. We aim to foster a culture of continuous learning that honors ancestries and traditions that are not our own, and builds relationships of mutual respect and understanding.

We recognize that this work is a continual work in progress, and our goal is to make it as inclusive, collaborative, accurate, and deferential as possible. If you have feedback, questions, or comments, we welcome your voice and contribution.

Ray & Charles Eames standing at a table working.

Image © Eames Office, LLC

A Legacy Preserved

As great as Ray and Charles were as designers, they were even better grandparents, according to Llisa Demetrios. While we look forward to sharing more Eames family perspectives, here we join Llisa as she takes a personal look back at their memorable interactions and lasting influence—the myriad lessons passed along from Ray and Charles through her mother Lucia Eames that help sustain and advance the Eames legacy today.

Charles, Lucia, and Ray Eames photo booth image.

Image top left © Eames Office, LLC. Image top right by Eliza Gregory, October, 2003.

Lucia Eames and her daughter Llisa Demetrios in the interior of the Eames Ranch.
Llisa Demetrios, Chief Curator of the Eames Institute, standing in the interior of the Eames Ranch.

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