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Everything Is Connected at the Ranch

The Eames Ranch is a place of perpetual iteration and experimentation—where the Eameses’ lessons are put into practice with every passing season, and a lifetime of learning is used to design a better world for tomorrow.


We look forward to welcoming you to the Eames Ranch—eventually! To make that happen, we‘re undergoing a multi-year renovation that will make the property more accessible to everyone. Though the Ranch is closed to the public during this process, the Eames Institute is committed to enacting our mission and sharing our collections through partner organizations and temporary installations in the interim. Sign up for our newsletter or follow along on social media for updates.

The House

A Living Legacy Rooted in Renewal

Lucia Eames, Charles’s daughter, purchased the original Eames Ranch property in 1992—and the William Turnbull–designed structures she built here served as a home base for the Eames family and the collection they inherited from Ray and Charles. Through the years, Lucia’s daughter Llisa Demetrios has lived here with her own family and continues Lucia’s dream for the land.

Llisa Demetrios, Chief Curator of the Eames Institute,  standing at a table at the Eames Ranch pointing to various works on paper.

Llisa Demetrios
Chief Curator

Eames Ranch exterior view surrounded by trees and hills in the background.
Interior of Eames Ranch showing an image from the Mathematica, the Eames Design Diagram, and a Low K-wire Rod base chair with 2-piece upholstered pad.

The Pasture

Agriculture as an Act of Design

Ray and Charles believed that “eventually everything connects.” This holistic notion drives our way of working at the Ranch, where we are learning from traditional practices to focus on regenerative agriculture and habitat restoration, while harnessing new technologies to transition the property to net zero carbon and water use.

A row of bright red poppies along a path at the Eames Ranch.
A group of sheep in the pasture at the Eames Ranch.

The Barn

A Space to Build a Better Tomorrow—Together

Outfitted with a metal shop and wood shop, the Eames Ranch models a hands-on approach to problem-solving, where design becomes a tool and the tools for designing are always within reach.

Interior of the woodworking barn at the Eames Ranch.
Interior of the Eames Ranch showing shelves containing wooden and wire models of sculptures created by Llisa Demetrios, granddaughter of Charles Eames.
Interior of the woodworking barn at the Eames Ranch. Metal sculptures on the walls were designed by Lucia Eames.