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Western Dining at the Nut Tree (Variant 1)

c. 1960

Located in Vacaville, California, on Interstate 80, the Nut Tree originated as a fruit stand in 1921 and by the mid-century had evolved to become a landmark roadside destination for travelers between the Bay Area and Lake Tahoe. As Diane Power Zimmerman explains in Nut Tree: From a California Ranch to a Design, Food, and Hospitality Icon, “for seventy-five years, Nut Tree defined Western food, mid-century design, and cutting-edge hospitality. They served ordinary folks and dignitaries alike, including Ronald Reagan, Neil Armstrong, and Queen Elizabeth II.” Shaped by design director Don Birell, who began working there in 1952, for many years the Nut Tree successfully straddled the fine line between whimsy and modernism to create a destination that would be fun for all ages. In the main dining room, Eames molded plastic chairs were paired with yardage of Alexander Girard textiles to offer a memorable venue for partaking in all that “western dining” had to offer.

  • Medium:Printed paper
  • Dimensions:3 1/2 x 5 1/2 in. (8.9 x 14 cm)
  • Item:A.2022.I.001