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DTW-1 (Dining Table Wood)


This dining table design originates from the Eameses’ first group of plywood furniture that debuted at the Barclay Hotel in New York City in December, 1945, and was subsequently exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York as part of the exhibition “New Furniture Designed by Charles Eames.” The show’s press release only acknowledged the tables by commenting that, “the exhibition, however, is not…confined to chairs. Additional strong, light pieces for dining room, living room, and outdoors are included.” The DTW was one such table, made all the more user-friendly because it was the Eameses’ first commercial table design with detachable legs, which allowed for easy shipping and storage. The bent leg dining tables were discontinued in 1952. This table has historic details that reflect a later modification, perhaps made by the original customer. The four round stamped steel brackets located on the two stretchers underneath the table are not original to this design.

  • Manufacturer: Herman Miller, Inc.
  • Medium:Walnut plywood, aluminum
  • Dimensions:29 1/2 x 54 x 34 in. (74.9 x 137.2 x 86.4 cm)
  • Design Date:1946
  • Item:2020.5.1