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692 Dining Table


The model 692 dining table was introduced in 1958 as part of the Indoor-Outdoor Group, rechristened the following year as the Eames Aluminum Group. Originally intended as equally suitable for indoor and outdoor use, the collection ultimately found favor in offices and other public spaces and is best known for its chair designs, which combine cast aluminum members with fabric seats in a manner that required significant material and technical innovation. The tables did not utilize this construction, but they did feature the chairs’ same sturdy four-pronged pedestal bases, which became known as the Eames Contract Base, and the tables eventually came to be regarded as an independent collection known as the Eames Contract Base Tables, all of which have circular or square tops. The version of the Contract Base used for tables consists of three parts: a spider-shaped cast aluminum element that attaches underneath the tabletop, a rolled steel column, and a four-pronged cast aluminum foot. This extremely rare example has a white scientific-grade German glass tabletop. It was also available in slate or Italian Botticino marble.

  • Manufacturer: Herman Miller, Inc.
  • Medium:Glass, steel, aluminum, nylon
  • Dimensions:29 x 36 in. (73.7 x 91.4 cm)
  • Design Date:1958
  • Item:2019.2.161