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The Eames Institute of Infinite Curiosity—now offers tours of our collection.

The Eames Institute’s chief curator, Llisa Demetrios takes guests on a tour including many designs by the Eameses.

Located within our new headquarters, the Eames Archives is now open for curator-led, guided tours.

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The Eames Institute is a nonprofit public charity that aims to equip everyone with the lessons of Ray and Charles Eames—the groundbreaking designers who helped shape the modern world.

Visit “Design Q&A: Formafantasma”
Visit “Design Q&A: Maurice Woods”
Visit “A Living Laboratory”

The Collection

Containing tens of thousands of artifacts, the Eames Collection is a one-of-a-kind record of Ray and Charles’s extraordinary partnership that encapsulates their unique methodologies and diverse interests. The Eames Institute is responsible for stewarding this remarkable body of work and making it accessible to everyone.

Our Online Magazine

At the Eames Institute, design is a way of seeing, thinking, acting, and reacting to the world around us. Inspired by the Eameses’ insatiable curiosity, Kazam! Magazine offers stories about people, projects, and ideas that are shaping a better tomorrow.

The Eames Ranch

A storied location that serves as the spiritual home for the Eames Collection and Ray and Charles’s iterative approach to design, the Eames Ranch will soon be a prototype for regenerative agriculture, water conservation, and land stewardship.