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Consulting Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

San Francisco

Consulting Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Part-time position

We are seeking a committed Chief Financial Officer (CFO) consultant to serve as a trusted partner and advisor on the organization’s fiscal function. Responsibilities include overseeing all activities of the Eames Institute’s financial operations, including cash management, financial forecasting, and accurate dissemination of financial information and analysis to Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and other senior leaders. 


  • Manage the day-to-day financial operations of the organization
  • Manage cash flow, including a reliable cash flow projection and reporting to CEO
  • Oversee the 2023 financial plan and underlying business model that reflects the Eames Institute’s strategic priorities
  • Attain a working knowledge of the organization’s needs and partner with the CEO and Director of People & Culture to develop a detailed job description and scope of work for a permanent replacement; contribute to interviewing and hiring this individual if timing permits 
  • Lead continual improvement of the budgeting and approvals process through educating project managers and senior leaders on financial issues impacting budgets
  • Provide technical financial advice and knowledge to others within the organization
  • Lead continual improvement of the budgeting process through educating department leads on financial issues impacting budgets
  • Advise from a financial perspective on any contracts into which the organization may enter
  • Evaluate the finance function and advise and implement for continual improvement of the efficiency and effectiveness of financial activities across the organization
  • Remain up-to-date and knowledgeable on financial practices, standards, and laws governing nonprofit organizations and feed this to the CEO as necessary

This is a part-time role with the option to work remotely or onsite in our newly renovated Bay Area workplace.